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Why you should consider an automated irrigation system

Why you should consider an automated irrigation system

An automated irrigation system refers to the operation of the system with no or just a minimum of manual intervention besides the surveillance. Almost every system (drip, sprinkler, surface) can be automated with help of timers, sensors, computers or mechanical appliances. It makes the irrigation process more efficient and allows you to concentrate on other important farming or gardening tasks.

Automation can be used in many ways

  • To start and stop irrigation through supply channel outlets
  • To start and stop pumps
  • To cut off the flow of water from one irrigation area —  either a bay or a section of channel and directing the water to another area.

These changes occur automatically without any direct manual effort, but you may need to spend time preparing the system at the start of the irrigation and maintaining the components so it works properly.

Benefits of automatic irrigation

The benefits of automatic irrigation are:

  • Automation eliminates the manual operation of opening or closing valves (reduced labour)
  • Timely irrigation — plants being watered when needed
  • Accurate cut-off of water compared to manual checking
  • Reduced runoff of water and nutrients
  • Reduced costs for vehicles used to check irrigation
  • Possibility to change frequency of irrigation and fertigation processes and to optimise these processes
  • Adoption of advanced crop systems and new technologies, especially new crop systems that are complex and difficult to operate manually
  • Use of water from different sources and increased efficiency in water and fertiliser use
  • System can be operated at night, water loss from evaporation is thus minimised
  • Irrigation process starts and stops exactly when required, thus optimising energy requirements
  • Adds value to your property

Disadvantages of automatic irrigation

The disadvantages of automatic irrigation are:

  • Costs for purchasing, installing and maintaining the equipment
  • Reliability of irrigation system (due to human error when setting up)
  • Increased maintenance of channels and equipment to ensure it is working properly


Almost every irrigation system can be automated. It makes sense in every region of the world as it saves time and water. Furthermore, high-tech designs allow for very efficient irrigation i.e. metering the water volumes more precisely. Once the system is optimised, labourers do not have to worry about the irrigation process and can concentrate on more important tasks.

Graetz Irrigation is proud to be one of the few officially certified irrigation designers in the Barossa Valley region, so you can feel confident that your system will meet your requirements. We provide services and products for agricultural, commercial, industrial and domestic applications. Regardless of how simple or how complex your project may be, our team will provide an irrigation system that exceeds expectations. Get in touch with us today on (08) 8562 1333, or online here.

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