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Irrigation supplies to consider when revamping your vineyard

Irrigation supplies to consider when revamping your vineyard

Revamping or remodelling your vineyard can be a big and challenging task, but sometimes a necessary one if you’re expanding or upgrading your land. Climate changes, travel restrictions and market trends can make the production and sale of wine grapes somewhat unpredictable. If you want to ensure you’re growing consistently high-quality grapes, you need to make sure you have complete control over the water and nutrients feeding them. More importantly, you need a system that will give you control over vine growth, no matter your topography or climate. This is where a reliable and up-to-date irrigation system comes in.

Irrigation supplies to consider

Some of the irrigation supplies we sell at Graetz Irrigation include drip irrigation systems, drippers, drip lines, pumps and filters. We also specialise in filters, pipes, valves, fittings, sprinklers and irrigation controllers. If you are moving to an automated irrigation system, Graetz Irrigation can also assist with state-of-the-art irrigation automation products which are user-friendly, cost-effective and superior in performance. Below is some further information on the key supplies you might want to consider if revamping or remodelling your vineyard.

Drip irrigation systems

Drip, or trickle irrigation, is the system in which water is frequently and slowly applied directly to the crop root zone. The idea of a trickle irrigation system is to irrigate only the root zone instead of the entire field surface. A drip irrigation system is a great solution for vineyards with dry, saline, low drainage soils; and for crops where soil moisture maintenance may result in high insect pests and disease incidence.

Automated irrigation systems

Rapid advances in technology have allowed automation to create more efficient, intuitive and reliable systems, which means a smarter irrigation solution for all types of properties. Older automated systems, which relied on underground cabling, are now being replaced with state-of-the-art radio systems which can be accessed from mobile phones and devices. You no longer need to be on your property to control your irrigation requirements; you can manage your automated irrigation system from anywhere via an app on your smart phone. Considering automation when you choose your irrigation solution will help you streamline your operations and conserve our precious water.

Water pumps

Our pump range includes options from the industry’s key suppliers including Davey, Grundfos, Lowara, Mono and DAB pumps, it also includes pressure pumps, bore pumps and agricultural water pumps.


Over the years, our irrigation supplies and water products have expanded into other areas. Graetz Irrigation now specialises in the supply of superior filtration systems, so you can enjoy cleaner, healthier water.

As the Barossa’s irrigation specialists, the experienced team at Graetz Irrigation is happy to help out with all your irrigation supply enquiries. Phone us on 08 8562 1333, or contact us online here.

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