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Which Is The Best Bore Pump & How Do I Maintain It?

Which Is The Best Bore Pump & How Do I Maintain It?

Your property relies on the water from your bore pump, so it’s crucial that you find the right pump to suit your exact needs. You also need to be mindful of maintaining your investment, so you can protect your new bore pump and prevent pump failure.

Whether you need to buy a bore pump or you’re searching for an authorised bore pump repairer, our team at Graetz Irrigation are your local bore pump experts.

In this blog, we share some simple tips for choosing and maintaining your pump.

Choosing Your Bore Pump

When choosing a bore pump, many factors come into play including the capacity of your bore and how many litres you will require per day.

Our team at Graetz will visit your site and recommend the bore pump that best fits your requirements in relation to size, pump depth and brand. We will also determine if there are any other issues to consider including the flow rate or the quality of the water that you’re pumping. There is a bore pump to suit every application, so get some expert advice from our team to make your decision easier.

Bore Pump Maintenance

Bore pump failure is often due to motor failure or corrosion to the pump and/or motor. There are several things that you can do to protect your bore pump from failure:

Keep your bore pump serviced – regular servicing can help maintain your bore pump and extend its lifespan

Don’t excessively start your pump – turn your pump on at certain times of the day and be mindful of the recommended number of starts that the manufacturer suggests. Excessively starting your bore pump can result in pump failure.

Letting your pump run dry – your pump will overheat if there is not enough water to keep the motor cool. Measuring the water level in your bore pump is essential if you want to prevent your pump running dry

Understand your water quality – depending on contaminants, sediments and the PH level, your water quality can affect the lifespan of your bore pump. The temperature of your water can also affect your pump with warm water reducing the motor cooling effect.

Complete Bore Pump Solution

As an authorised pump repairer, Graetz Irrigation can seamlessly handle all your bore pump needs. We stock the most reputable brands of bore pumps with solutions from Davey and Grundfos.

Our team will manage the whole process from design and installation to maintenance, repairs and replacement. Call our team today to find out more about our bore pump sales, installations and repairs by phoning 08 8562 1333.

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