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How To Choose The Right Watering System For Your Property

How To Choose The Right Watering System For Your Property

Choosing the right watering system for your property can often be a confusing task when there are so many irrigation systems on the market. An ideal irrigation system is one which encourages plant growth while minimising water loss and erosion. Factors to consider include the size of your property, the type of vegetation or crops that you’re growing, the quality of soil and the formation of the land. Whether you’re after a drip irrigation system for a vineyard or a sprinkler system for your lawn, Graetz Irrigation has the irrigation supplies and solutions that you’re looking for. Our professionals are always available to offer our honest advice, so get in touch with us so we can assist with all your irrigation needs.

Here are some of the most popular options when choosing the right irrigation system for your property.

Drip Irrigation Barossa Valley

What gardener, farmer or vineyard owner doesn’t want to save money on water and fertiliser? Drip irrigation is a system that allows water to slowly drip directly to the roots of your plants through a combination of pipes, valves, tubing, and emitters. Because of the slow and direct flow of water, drip irrigation is more efficient than surface irrigation due to minimal evaporation and drift. Filtration is necessary for drip irrigation.

Micro Sprinkler Irrigation

Through the use of low pressure micro-sprinklers, this irrigation system can be used in an array of applications and topographies. The sprinklers can be used in orchards as well as home gardens. This type of irrigation solution offers a more targeted form of irrigating than overhead sprinklers, the benefit being a reduced irrigated area which results in economic water usage.

Micro Spray Irrigation

Popular with the home gardener, micro sprays are an affordable and simple irrigation tool to irrigate small garden areas. Some plants require irrigating from above — and micro sprays are ideal for this purpose. Similar to micro sprinkler irrigation, micro sprays offer increased water efficiency as they’re designed to have lower flow rates than conventional sprinklers.

Pop up Sprinkler Irrigation

Pop-up sprinklers come in many sizes and styles. Choosing the correct sprinkler for your application requires answers to a host of questions. A carefully designed pop-up sprinkler system will irrigate your lawn evenly and efficiently. It can be manually operated or fully automatic.

Overhead Sprinkler Irrigation

A popular choice for farmers growing Lucerne and some vegetable crops, sprinkler irrigation systems are designed to give full cover over cropped areas. The sprinkler spacing and operating pressures are critical in giving good even distribution of the water.

Irrigation Systems For All Types Of Properties

Across the Barossa Valley, Eden Valley, Mid Murray, Clare Valley and Yorke Peninsular regions and beyond, our friendly team at Graetz Irrigation are here to solve all your irrigation issues. If you’d like to find the right watering system for your residential property, commercial premises, farm or vineyard, call us 08 8562 1333.

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