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What is irrigation and why is it important?

Irrigation is the process through which a controlled amount of water can be supplied through artificial means. Irrigation installation will include the installation of pipes, ditches, sprinklers, etc. The main objectives of a good watering system are to help agricultural crop growth, landscape maintenance, or to reduce the effect of inadequate rainfall.  

The importance of irrigation

Whether you are a farmer, gardener, or work in an industry that requires landscape maintenance, irrigation installation is a worthwhile investment. Regardless of the size or shape of your property, good solid garden irrigation is an important maintenance factor.

We’ve outlined a few of the many benefits gained through irrigation installation:

  • Multiple cropping: A good solid watering system will ensure multiple cropping every year. Enhancing production and productivity, irrigation designers can tailor a solution to suit your needs.
  • Ideal levels of hydrogen and oxygen – The installation of a watering system makes it possible to supply the required amount of hydrogen and oxygen, which is important for the proper development of plant roots.
  • Essential for plant growth – With the proper irrigation supplies, a plant can absorb mineral nutrients from the irrigated soil, proving garden irrigation is essential for the general growth of plants.
  • Uninterrupted agriculture: Agriculture is often greatly hampered due to irregular, insufficient or uncertain rain. Proper irrigation systems can secure uninterrupted agriculture.
  • Increased productivity: The productivity of irrigated land using a reputable watering system is more than the productivity found on un-irrigated land. Crop yields worldwide are consistently higher in irrigated areas than in rainfed areas.

The benefits of irrigation

The main objective of irrigation installation is to promote the proper growth of plants.  A top-notch watering system helps maintain the ideal soil moisture levels. An irrigation sprinkler system also gives farmers peace of mind when there is a short duration of drought. A good watering system can sustain the ground enough when water levels are low. Another reason is to cool the atmosphere and soil, which is an ideal environment for plants. What’s more, with regular irrigation, you’ll be able to dilute any harsh chemicals in soil or even wash out harmful salts. But make sure you enlist the help of a certified irrigation designer who has access to top-quality irrigation supplies that will last well into the future.

Lawn irrigation management: The importance of lawn irrigation design

When it comes to large properties, the size is quite too vast to manually water areas. That’s where automatic sprinkler systems come in handy. Convenient and easy to use, with the proper lawn irrigation design, you can save yourself time and money when maintaining your property.

Need advice on a good irrigation sprinkler system?

Come in and see our team at Graetz Irrigation for high-quality irrigation supplies and installation. Phone 08 8562 1333 for a free quote today. Or drop in and talk us through your watering system request. We’re conveniently located at 91 Nuraip Road, Nuriootpa. Regardless of how simple or how complex your project may be, our team will provide an irrigation system that exceeds expectations. Check out our service range online.

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